Pandemic Travels: Destin, Florida

2019 was a declaration year. I declared that I would live for me and do all of the things I wanted without waiting for someone else to do it with. That said thing started with solo traveling. So, boom, January 2019 I traveled alone for the first time for pleasure to Atlanta, GA and it created such a natural high unlike any pill could achieve, which I imagine it did. That set off the tone for me; I made a pact to travel somewhere every month, but ended up reducing to every quarter. Now, that led me to plan my next trip which was my birthday trip in April to Dallas, TX where I invited my mother and had a really cool experience. Then it was Orlando, FL in October for Wine and Beer fest at Epcot with friends then solo in San Francisco in December. I had set the momentum was excited to plan my next trip to Boston, MA for the summer. Then, dum dum dum, a super deadly virus arrives at everyone’s door step and changed everything. Once I was mentally comfortable enough as states lifted travel restrictions, I capitalized off of the extra off days due to a reduced work schedule and headed to Destin, FL; it was time to break out.

The road to Destin included my Honda Civic, I-10 and US-90 diversion, nature and my love. I set out on the journey to the emerald waters that Destin is infamous in a desperate escape from the house. The drive was a calming 4 hours that include typical gas and food breaks.


SeaBreeze Inn, 100 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

Hotel Stay: The hotel was a newly renovated and was actually still in the process of being renovated. This was perfect for the existing pandemic for everything to be fresh, you know, but it was noisy some times. I bought wipes along to sanitize the hotel room myself. There was cranes blocking the parking lot due it being very small, narrow path around the building. I am unsure if there was breakfast served, if so it probably wasn’t anything outside continental. It had the standard amenites: refrigerator, microwave, desk, pool and television, so that was sufficient.

Sea Breeze 100 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW, Fort Walton, FL

Did you know why there are bibles in every hotel room? It was a part of a push to spread the word of God and have the bible accessible for ‘missionaries’ when they traveled.

Beach Lounging: The activites on this trip consisted of going out and getting sand in my toes. I grabbed a chair and headed to engage with the emerald waters of Destin. I was very apprehensive about going due to the fact that there were quite a lot of people and everywhere I had been, no one was taking heed of the mask mandate so I made sure to set up my chair in an area distant from others and be mindful of the distance between me and others when in the water.

Destin Beach, FL
Bamboo’s Jamaican Restaurant 236 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

Jamaican Taste: I have been wanting to try some authenic Jamaican food and yes, you guessed it, I got my fix on this trip. I tried oxtail, cabbage + peas & rice and it was soooooo delicious. The spice was tolerable and the flavor was incredible.

This weekend getaway was very simple and much, much needed. Instead of staying in Destin, FL, I stayed in Fort Walton, FL which was about 15 minutes away from the beach. It was very inexpensive and the hotel stay was decent where I didn’t feel uncomfortable being in an used space. The emerald waters were a sight to see and a definite must see. The Jamaican restaurant made quality food and I would highly recommend them and it is black-owned as well. I also packed lysol wipes and hand sanizter to keep my area and hands clean and this trip got me out of my comfort zone with traveling during those times.



I am a science enthauist and a self-identity seeker. I use creative outlets to balance with my very logic output. I am a native of New Orleans.

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Kala Paul

I am a science enthauist and a self-identity seeker. I use creative outlets to balance with my very logic output. I am a native of New Orleans.